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Anti-theft systems

Anti-theft systems are equipment that is definitely worth installing in your car.

Always be safe!

We are an authorised distributor and installer of the Author Igla device in the Lublin voivodeship. This immobiliser, which is an electronic protection against unauthorised starting of a vehicle, makes it impossible to steal a car “with a suitcase”, even with a copied key. We are also licensed to install radiolocation equipment by Gannet Guard Systems. Radiolocation allows a stolen vehicle or machine to be found in no time. We provide non-invasive installation of anti-theft systems, without affecting the car’s warranty.



IGLA 231 With remote controls
2032 ZŁ
Auto alarm with CAN
1100 zł
GANNET radiolocation
From 1800 zł
GPS locator
From 450 zł
Analogue lock
From 450 zł




Which protection will be better for my car?

The IGLA immobiliser works with cars equipped with CAN bus, for cars that are not compatible with IGLA we recommend auto alarms and analogue locks. An additional security method, which we use to locate the car in the event of theft, is the GPS locator and the GanTrack radio locator. With GanTrack being the most effective tool, it uses its own power system and its signal cannot be jammed in any way.

Does the installation of safety devices involve interfering with the car's installation?

When fitting the IGLA protection device, none of the components of the electrical installation are cut. The device is connected to the installation and programmed for the specific car model. The GanTrack uses its own battery and is not connected to the vehicle’s electrical system.

What is the principle behind the IGLA immobiliser?

IGLA blocks communication on the CAN bus between the individual modules of the car, thus blocking the gearbox or preventing the car from starting.

What is the principle behind the GanTrack device?

The device remains in sleep mode until a theft is reported. It is then remotely activated to emit a signal. The search team tracks the vehicle with an accuracy of 1 metre. This gives a 99% success rate of finding the car within 24 hours of being reported.


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